100 Squats - What They Taught Me

I’m going on Day 3 of the 30-Day 100 Squats per day challenge I started in my closed Facebook group, Lovely Boudies (click the link to join! Go on, do it!). Why am I doing this? I’m doing it for a few reasons, but here are the top ones:

  1. to show my women that you only need 1 minute of your day to do something great for your health

  2. because we need to let our bodies know that we love it

  3. I’m tired of being out of breath from walking up my stairs

  4. I want a better butt.

Because here’s the thing- If we can make time to sit on our phones and look up social media drama, we can be doing squats while scrolling. If we can make time to stuff our faces while sitting on the couch and complaining about gaining another 20 pounds, we can find a better substitution. So, I took my own advice. While making coffee, I do 25 squats. While making round 2, I do another 25. While waiting for my lunch to reheat, I do another 25. While cooking dinner, I do my last set of 25.

And you know what? I feel so proud of not only MYSELF, but holy hell am I proud of MY LADIES!!!

You have no idea, so let me break this down for you. The time of women beating other women down… is dying. And I, for one, am the first person to volunteer to drive that train through town. I cannot express in words the amount of genuine LOVE I am feeling from the women in my group. They are posting videos, cheering each other on, and most importantly… taking a small chunk of time out of their days to do something FOR THEM. I am so in awe of how these women have jumped on board and said, “Yes! I’m doing this too!!”

I am posting four Live videos a day, showing how I’m barely getting through these squats. I thought after the second day that I might be bombarding these women too much. Maybe they’re getting annoyed at my Lives and I’m bothering them. I got scared. So I created a poll and gave them 4 options. Two options said yes, keep the lives going. One option is to cut back to maybe 1 Live a day. The last option is just stop completely. I fully expected to see mostly everyone check that “No, I only want to see maybe 1 Live a day.” The results are still coming in, but not ONE person (as of right now) has checked either “stop the lives” boxes. And I am so proud.

My mission with these lives has not been to force people to exercise. My mission is to create a community of supporting women who encourage each other to take a small amount of time out of their day to do something for THEM. To stop for ONE MINUTE and say, “This is MY time.” We get so involved in taking care of our babies, our work, our families, our homes, our friends… we barely get time to just stop and focus on us. So, let’s change that.

If you want to join in on our challenge, click that link above to join our group and let’s get supportive! Next week, we’re adding in another part to our Squats Challenge. Join us! Or, if you’d rather, leave me a comment here and let me know how you can take one minute out of your day and do something for you.