5 Essential Brushes for Your Makeup Kit


Whether you’re an everyday entertainer or a weekend wearer, the one thing that will turn your skills from makeup amateur to cosmetic pro instantly… brushes!

Ask any makeup artist you meet what the one thing you need in your makeup kit is and the answer will be “a good set of brushes.” Not only will your looks automatically be more blended, flawless, and simply all around (…what do the kids say these days, “fleek”?) 100% better, but you’ll save on product. I’m going to break down the top 5 essential makeup brushes every makeup wearer must have in their kit. Plus, because I know how much you love to click it and get it… I’m including links to MY favorite brushes too! While all these brushes are by e.l.f. cosmetics, I am not an ambassador. I just support affordable products that are great quality.

1. Foundation Brush.

And not just any foundation brush… the master blender foundation brush! I have tried every brush under the sun and this brush is my absolute favorite when it comes to flawless foundation. Don’t use your fingers to swipe away your foundation leaving you with streaks and patchiness or a sponge to soak it up and then beat the hell out of your face. Just use this brush to for a fabulous finish!

2. Powder Brush / Buffer Brush

A good powder brush is needed to set your foundation and make it long-wearing. I love the kabuki brush. It buffs my face to perfection. I love that I can fit it in my hand and really polish the powder into my skin. Whether you use it with a setting powder over your liquid foundation or with a powder foundation, this brush is a must-have in your makeup arsenal.

3. Angled Blush Brush

In the age of contour, I prefer to go with a soft contour to keep your skin looking natural. However, if you still prefer a more intense contour, you can certainly get it with this brush too! Use it with a cream contour to add more oomph to your lines, or sweetly swipe some powder blush a few shades darker than normal to create a subtle effect. Use the same brush to add your highlighter and create that perfect glowing skin!

4. Eyeshadow Brush

The key to gorgeous eye shadow? Blending and smoothness. You want your eyeshadow to appear effortlessly applied. Many eyeshadow applications look a less than a dime simply because they lack the smooth flow that separates the “okay” from the “amazing.” This little brush is your all-in-one. See that rounded top? Use it straight-on in your crease to give your eyes the depth they deserve. Use the brush on its side to swipe your lid and below the brow.


5. Smudge Brush

Everyone wants that perfect smoky eye. I have found the easiest way to obtain the perfect smoked out eyeliner is with a smudge brush. This little stiff bristled wonder may not seem like much, but when you see the amazing results you get, you’ll soon realize the power it holds. All you need is a pencil eyeliner in your color of choice. Draw your liner on and use this little baby to softly rub that liner into blurred oblivion.


With these 5 Essential Brushes in your kit, your skills will go from novice to pro in no time! Leave me a comment and let me know which brush you plan to add to your collection!

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