It's no secret that I am a Creative Personality Type. What does that mean? Let me see if I can explain this.

I am the type of person that cannot simply do a job for a paycheck. Some people are able to do this- and I envy them. How amazing would it be to just go to work and it be just "work"? No. My job has to be a passion. And then, it's not really a J-O-B, is it? It turns into a career and something exciting and sometimes, it even turns into an obsession.

My obsession right now in photography is industrial, abandoned, warped scenery. Graffiti, pipes, busted brick, overgrown climbing vines, caving roofs and walls, peeling paint, and even haunting pieces of left behind furniture that seem to tell a story. I am on a mission at the moment to find something incredible in the state of North Carolina to satisfy my craving. So far, it's really been unsuccessful. But I'm not giving up!

So, hi-ho, hi-ho, off with my lens I go, in search of things, that were left to rot, hi-ho!