Imagined Alter Ego

For the most part, this blog usually contains posts about me. My life, my thoughts, opinions, all those little philosophical moments that happen due to everyday life situations. But, today, I'm going to do something a little different. Today, I'm going to put someone else in the spotlight!

If you met my friend Ginny, based on first appearances, you'd probably have her pegged as a conservative, white-picket fence living, Starbucks drinking,  "no tv for my child", lean meat only type of gal. And, well, you're not wrong. She is definitely conservative in her looks. Silky blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, a killer smile with perfectly straight, bright white teeth, and always dressed at least one notch above "casual". Her casual is my dressy, let's just put it that way. But, don't let her insanely put-together look give you the wrong impression. This woman is fierce, strong, smart, kind, hilarious, and she loves a good social gathering.

Ginny has recently went through a little life change- for the better. Because of this little alteration to her life, she has begun to realize there are facets of her that have never been exposed. There are these little bits and pieces of her that she's always wanted to show, but never had the courage. Or maybe just never the chance!

So, when our other best friend announced a birthday weekend get-away to Asheville, Ginny saw a perfect opportunity to... change up her look a little.

"So many times in life we want to escape and do and be something different than who we are. But we are the choices that we have made and we let the self imposed and societal limitations define us. However today I am my imagined alter ego.🤘" -Ginny

So she threw on some pink hair color, a few too-real looking tatts, hopped into an alley and let one of the many facets of her gorgeous diamond shine bright. 

I introduce to you... Ginny's Imagined Alter Ego!