Why I Love Boudoir.

This blog post is about to get real personal. But I feel that I owe it to you to let you know the reasons why I chose boudoir and why I love it so much. This genre can be taken in many different ways. It can be a beautiful thing for some and a risqué thing for others. It can be a fantasy for a few and a never-will for many. For me, it is a beautiful, risqué fantasy that will only happen in front of my camera and I want to get it in print to remind you exactly how amazingly gorgeous you are.

Here is where it gets personal. I have suffered and battled with self-image problems since before it should have even been an issue. My thoughts haunted me at every moment of the day and the self-critiques became too much at times. I did not see in the mirror what everyone else saw looking at me. I hated what I saw looking back. Eventually, the thoughts took over and controlled almost every aspect of my life. I never want anyone else to know what that feels like.

Too many women face this on a daily basis. A shy woman who hasn't quite grabbed onto her sex-appeal. An exhausted mom covered in spit-up and on her last pair of clean yoga pants that she had no intention of wearing to a yoga class. Or a beautiful woman that just never even knew she was capable of having sex-appeal or even knowing what sex-appeal is. All women deserve to feel sexy, beautiful, and free. 

Boudoir photos allow a woman to be free from all those harsh emotions that spill over from her unconscious into her every day life. Boudoir gives a woman a freedom that she's never had before. A moment to feel sensual, sexy, and amazing. A moment to feel proud of being in her own skin and even prouder to show it off. A moment to let her hair down, literally, and allow that confidence to embed itself in the photo. And the end result is just absolutely breath-taking. This is why I love Boudoir.